At AAA, we configure a collection program that best meets your organization’s needs. Great value is placed AAA’s ability to maintain a high caliber collection staff. With this team in place, you can also expect high quality customer service. We realize the importance of your client relationships. In turn, we also put great value on our relationship with your clients. In large part, our success is determined by the retention of your patient/clients. In addition to a comprehensive array of collection programs, we provide top quality service at industry-best prices. Here are some additional notes regarding some of those programs:

1. Operate with CRS collection systems - widely used in our industry with the highest satisfaction ratings on record.

2. Placements and/or reporting can be customized to your specific needs, and placed in our system on the same day of receipt.

3. Reports provided electronically or through more traditional hard copy reporting

4. Direct 24-hour access to your portfolio via the Internet, with the ability to interact with collection representatives online.

5. Extensive Legal Division and solid National Network of Attorneys.

6. Extensive System Security is updated weekly to ensure data integrity and HIPAA compliance.

7. Ask us about our Revenue Recapture Program!